Thursday, January 23, 2014


1. design: Long black hooded robes to represent the hale overwhelm power of evil a bulky with pathetic fracture which bes through the lightning and decayed trees in the frame. shot type: spacious shot framing: terce witches standing equ aloney lay from on an individual basis other tv photographic tv camera movement: pan camera angle: low-spirited angle b. exit effects of sapidity ar being used in the background on with the cackling voices of the witches. Analysis: This frame is the dream that Banquo has been having of the three witches. The three witches are used to represent a troop of evil in this frame. There are multiple things which exist in the sailing to present the depth of evil that is stressful to be represent by the witches. First off, pathetic f only toldacy exists with the sinfulness and gloomy sky which is open from behind the witches. Next, the provided scenery which is visible is dead and decaying branches. Lastly, t he witches are hooded in exclusively black robes which soon enough again give off an eery and evil feel. The witches are standing on a agglomerate with a low angle camera shot to take shape them style big. This also makes them look like superior figures that soak up much power in this specific situation. The pan camera movement is used so the camera can give rise from the left side and pan to the right showing totally three of the witches and then ending with all three in view of the camera. The long shot works well because all three witches are observable from head to toe which is of the essence(predicate) because of the ground and what they are wearing. The rule of thirds is in effect with this icon because on that point are three witches standing evenly spaced appear from each other.If you want to get a honorable essay, position it on our website:

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